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It’s Wedding Wednesday, and do I ever have some dreamy princess ball gowns to show you.

Today i’m featuring a Spanish designer by the name of Rosa Clara.  I honestly need to meet this woman to give her a high five on her stunning Spring 2013 Bridal Collection. It usually takes a lot of convincing to make me like a ball gown, but after seeing these designs, I am a believer.

The style and designs of these gowns are for anyone who wants to look like a modern day Cinderella.  The details of Ms. Clara’s masterpieces are sophisticated, clean and very feminine. 

When you go through the album, notice the volume in the skirts, in the tiered bubble peplum and bows. Look at the buttons that trail down the back of the gown making it look dainty and elegant. If you’re not one to go sleeveless, full alencon sleeves are the perfect way to go. If you want a cap sleeve, maybe try something different, like a tulip shaped sleeve.  All these details build on each other to create a fully accessorized gown, which alleviates the need for heavy jewelry. 

Have fun flipping through the look book. If you want to see more designs by Rosa Clara, please visit her website

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