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How to Communicate Through Fashion: Colour Theory

It probably does not come to a surprise to you when I say that image does matter. For some this may be a bold and overly exaggerated statement, because quite honestly it’s about inner beauty right? Well you’re right. Inner beauty is everything! However, we live in a society that looks at self-image as the first predictor of what a person may be like; their personality type, the mood they are currently in, and if they are a hygienic person (may be a topic for following blog post). However, unfortunate or fortunate we are to live in a society that encourages self-image, care or vanity, it is the society we live in. I understand that it may not be a subject that you entirely agree on, but studies have shown that even the colors we wear convey a certain message to others.

Here are some tips of colors to wear to your next job interview and/or networking event. Please find next to it a description of what message the colors could convey to your future employer or business partner:

•    Black = Leadership
•    Blue = Team Player
•    Gray = Logical/Analytical
•    White = Organized
•    Brown = Dependable
•    Red = Power
•    Green, Yellow, Orange or Purple = Creative

My advice from the list above is to always consider the event or organization you’re going to.  Find out what their corporate culture is or if there is a dress code for the event. Also, this is completely up to you, but I have been told to NEVER wear Red to an interview. It’s a rule I follow (because I don’t want to be jinxed) so that I do not look overstated. Strong colors tend be intimidating, which could communicate the wrong message at first glance.

From the list above, which color would you wear to an interview and which Core Competency do you think/feel it aligns appropriately with?


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